Flow and Points

Flow and Points

November 2012

The  Event Architecture is based on two key concept: Flow and Point. That is connected to the experience value in order to give birth to the architectural space.

At the start of a process the track of a line effects the concept of order. From the countless possibility of the white sheet some ideas create position, connection and arrangement. This stage makes up the framework of a different way to conceive the key word of Event. In fact what matters is the experience of the human view who choices and establishes Points, that is locations of sensory moments. The whole becomes a movement ongoing which reproduces the functioning of the flow of life.

Examples could be taken from the contemporary art and architecture married to the philosophical current of the Deconstruction. There is a high level of knowledge within one of those expressions, where the heritage of the past classicism has been reinterpreted and molded into possible and probabilistic relationships among elements in overlapping. However the indispensable instrument of the electronic machine risks to misunderstand this evolution because of the passive application of softwares. In other words what was merely a process becomes a limit for the potentialities of the imagination and the developments of the senses perception.

The focus should be the Man, their sphere is composed of needs and the shades, of this metaphoric drawing, are the colors of living. Therefore Event Architecture is a space linked to every single individual who is able to leave their sign together at those already left and to give recognition to the archetype of a box, of a primary building construction.

 Francesco Ciccarelli