Progress of a Project

Progress of a Project

October 2012

Project is the first expression of Human to acquire a higher role in their life. The possibility to transfer an idea on an object such as a board, a wall, a piece of paper, in order to elaborate a subsequent outlook of the world, represents the origin of the improvement of the human mind.

I personally believe that everyone keeps a corner in themselves where different seeds lie and expect to be transformed in a new concrete reality.  Even though a dream may show the boundary of the human experience, the imagination patterns constitute the primary elements to give birth significant transformations in the outside world. Every design needs an ideal process at the beginning which becomes the lifeblood of its growth. For instance the old portal of the constructive tradition might be the outcome of the first research to be protected from bad weather.

Every human activity requests to solve hardships to improve the living standard. In that side people search steadily a way to answer and to accomplish their ambitions within an endless cycle. This movement is ridden by the project which results nothing more than the decision making to achieve the goals of an idea. A building contains a set of choices and at the same time is a pillar of the following human generation. It is possible to catch from this metaphoric representation the unique aim of the human nature to make perfect life according to the environment around. That is, in my opinion, the meaning of an urban settlement where the mankind expresses their ambitions in life.

It is enchanting to realise how only one word summarizes this process: ARCHITECTURE.

Francesco Ciccarelli.